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Facilitating the Leadership Institute

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my level of confidence and ability to deal with stress. Setting goals and tracking them with our learning groups and partners over 12 months makes us accountable. Great experience. Highly recommend it. - Sarah Ryan, 2016 Auroran

CLE Consulting Australia

The CLE Consulting Australia is an organisational and leadership development company with extensive experience working with leaders in public and university libraries, cultural and arts institutions and information management services in municipal and corporate settings.

The CLE team draws on over sixty years’ collective experience supporting leaders in private, public and community sector organisations, as well as young entrepreneurs, to discover their sustaining passion and unlock their latent leadership capabilities. They count senior politicians, heads of industry, peak indigenous bodies and MBA programs amongst their clients. The program consultants have designed and delivered programs on behalf of leading business schools.

CLE’s leadership development facilitators have expertise in the fields of individual and social psychology, cognitive science, systems thinking, learning and development, the performing arts and organisational development. Drawing on these diverse disciplines allows them to support Aurorans to readily get to the heart of leadership challenges in contemporary contexts and track the leadership development trajectory of individuals as we support their personal and professional development.

We have conducted numerous residential leadership development retreats and year-long leadership development programs, which afford valuable insight into the learning journey individuals embark upon and what is needed to support deep and enduring learning.

In addition to the design and delivery of bespoke leadership development programs, CLE Consulting Australia’s services span strategic planning, working with organisational mergers, restructures and culture change initiatives, conflict facilitation and executive coaching.