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"Aurora provided some very powerful learning experiences and it is something I reflect on often". - Hero MacDonald, 2011 Auroran

Aurora Institute Testmonials

'Aurora exceeded all of my expectations. The opportunity to network with mentors and professionals throughout the program and beyond has provided me with a foundation to further my ambition and explore leadership opportunities'. - Sarah Howard, 2016 Auroran

'I’ve noticed a huge difference in my level of confidence and ability to deal with stress. Setting goals and tracking them with our learning groups and partners over 12 months makes us accountable. Great experience. Highly recommend it. - Sarah Ryan, 2016 Auroran

‘I found the experience of Aurora 2016 to be eye opening, unique and one that I will never forget. The design of the course was very well considered and assisted with absorption of the content. It was refreshing to be immersed into the environment and experiences being advocated rather than just hearing about them.
I learned so many different things while on the course, it would be impossible to describe them at all in a short paragraph. Since returning to work I have approached my work with a different mindset. I feel that I have gained confidence that I lacked previously and now feel liberated from my own insecurities to throw myself into new experiences when they present themselves’. – Caroline Clark, 2016 Auroran

“Aurora gave me a level of confidence in myself and my chosen career that I didn’t realise I had and the ability to contribute back to the profession in a positive way”. – Rebecca Randle, 2012 Auroran

“Seeing the calibre and passion of the participants helps build your own faith in the future of the profession, and commitment to work to leave a great legacy for the next generation of library managers to inherit”. – Mentor feedback

“Aurora gave me some fairly immediate opportunities for career advancement and it progressed from there. I guess it was a good kick start”. – Participant feedback

‘What I learned from Aurora is that leadership has to be lived. In other words you must embody the values and principles that you expect to see in the people you lead, and that true leadership actually means getting stuck in and doing as much as you expect from others’. – Elizabeth Langeveldt, 1997 Auroran

‘The most important thing I learnt at Aurora was that leadership skills are learned – they are not innate. They do, however, require a will to deliver, a will to take a stand, and a willingness to ensure the right people are given credit for achievements. – Susan Lafferty, 1995 Auroran

‘To my fellow 24 Aurorans. A truly fantastic and supportive bunch of people from a wide range of workplaces and backgrounds. What a ride we all took together!’- Jonathon Guppy – 2015 Auroran