Frances Eden

Board Chair

Frances has 20 years experience in the Education sector and more than 10 years’ Senior Leadership experience in team development, change management, project management and service delivery.

Benefitting from a diverse career encompassing teaching, publishing and Higher Education services, Frances built her executive nous with Pearson Australia as an Editor in Chief, playing a key role in the business’ transition from print to digital. Applying this digital experience to service delivery, Frances was appointed Director, Online Learning Services, followed by Director, Library and HiQ (student services), at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She then took on a Lead-Learning Design and Development role at Pearson Australia, creating accelerated online courses in collaboration with University Partners.

Frances is presently Senior Manager, Organisational Culture at UQ, where she contributes to the development of staff culture and leadership skills.

A Certified Leadership Coach, Frances is also a Graduate of the Company Directors Course, holds a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Business Administration and an Executive Graduate Certificate in Leadership Through Coaching and Mentoring.

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